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    Blazer cannot run because the date on your device is incorrect. Please run the Welcome application and update your device with today's date.

    1.) Tap on Prefrences

    2.) Tap on date.

    3.) Change to 6/19/05.

    4.) Tap Done.

    5.) Tap on blazer.

    6.) Once Blazer Launches go back to main icon screen.

    7.) Go back to prefrences.

    8.) Change date to today.

    9.) Tap on done.

    10.) Soft Reset Device.

    11.) Tap on blazer.

    Issue resolved
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    Hi TreoTech,

    Thanks for the info.

    Had the exact same problem just a few weeks ago. when I switched to another "refurb" Treo 300. Talked to Sprint PCS and they said they knew about the problem and were working on it. (As if it were a problem on their end)

    Problem didn't go away and because the phone was previously used I figured I'd back date it a couple years (2003) and as your post suggested change the date back again after running Blazer again. Worked fine.

    I do hope the Sprint PCS Techs put this one in their Troubleshooting guide.

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