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    Well this has been going on for some time now but I am at a loss to find an explanation. As my sim is pin locked all that happens is that the LED normally flashes orange for a few hours until it wakes my wife . However for the last two nights I caught the bugger doing it at exactly the same time - 12:10. Last night I entered the pin when prompted but strangely it didn't actually turn the radio on and simply went to app launcher screen.

    Versamail autosync is swiched off but the only other culprit that I have installed is verichat which I have not even used for a few days.

    I'm using the latest P1 firmware.
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    It happens on the Sprint version too. I think it must be a software thing, not related to the SIM card.
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    the orange LED light wakes up the wife?

    this happens to mine too.

    I have a gsm unlocked with t-mo.
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    You can:
    1. Change your Treo's system time to 12:07 am and power it off; does the behavior occur when the clock gets to 12:10? If so, perform a hard reset, rename your desktop backup directory and HotSync. This'll load your PIM data, but none of your 3rd party software. Change the time again and wait...does it still happen? If not, then you know it's software related; add back a few apps at a time, testing after each install. When it reoccurs, you'll know who the culprit is.

    2. Or you can install Butler and schedule your LED to be off at that time of night.

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