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    my Treo 650 with 1.28 (like all the other versions) crashes about 10 times per day. sometimes with bluetooth too. Anyone else there have both Goodlink and KeySuite that is also suffering from regular crashes? I have no other 3rd party apps.
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    I have a Cingular Treo 650 with key suite, chattermail, volumecare and stopdim installed. I've had the Treo for about 3 weeks and all went well until a couple of days ago when I started getting frequent crashes - typically after I've charged overnight and then follwed by either receiving an email or reading an email.

    Did you find a a fixe for your problem?
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    yes I did. I tried every software fix out there but its really very simple. its a memory issue - there isn't enough to run everything together unless you reduce the amount of memory usage by other Palm apps. the cure was to build myself a custom rom, remove all the palm apps I don't use (versamail, address book etc) and to ADD into the ROM all the Keysuite and other apps I need to use. it leaves more memory for the apps to actually run and databases to be loaded. search for how to do this on this forum. u need Shadowmites ROM builder too. I based my rom off 1.43/1.51 and the treo has worked perfectly ever since. NO CRASHES. it took time to do, but once you get to the bottom of how to do it you will be a happy person. good luck.
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    How much memory did you have free when you were having problems, and how much memory was free after you made your custom ROM? In other words, how much memory seemed to be required to run without crashing?
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    so long as I have around 6mb free I can run all these programs a I want without crashing. seems to leave me around 1mb of cache space.
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    When I have goodlink installed on my treo running 1.28 as well it will freeze up 5-6 times a day very annoying because you dont notice it till you try to use it and in the meantime I've missed how many calls and sms messages? Im to the point that I have a backup of goodlink on a sd card and install it if I need to check my email or callendar and then will hard reset when Im done. Not very effective but nessasary to use it as a phone. Hopeing the much talked about and soon to be released firmware update *knock on wood* will solve the problem might try to stip out all of the built in apps I dont use as well but if this keeps up goodbye goodlink when we upgrade to Exchange 2k3

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