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    Did you know there's no way to dial a new telephone number if you have Chapura's redirect turned on?

    Using Chapura KeySuite v. 3.3.2, when I try to dial a telephone number, I can elect to have it redirect to KeyContacts to search for the number but the problem with that is if the number is not in my KeyContacts list, then the phone will not dial the number.

    So I have to turn off the redirect and use the regular Contacts, which means I have two databases. Does anyone know how to fix that? I've tried Chapura tech support and they don't understand what the issue is.
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    Well, I guess no one knows how to fix this. I've moved on by uninstalling the trial version of Chapura and I'm trying Beyond Contacts. So far so good.
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    Dave, I am not familiar with “redirect”. Can you tell me what that is? I use Keysuite and the only issue I have with it is that a few apps don’t recognize it.


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    I've uninstalled it so I can't give you the exact directions, but basically go to KeyContacts within KeySuite, select Options and in there is a redirect option -- sorry, the terms may be off a little. Chapura got back to me today, btw, and recommended I uninstall and reinstall, plus edit my registry. Too late, so far I like Beyond Contacts. Pretty much same functionality.
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    Don't have KeySuite, but maybe it's because you have the option in Phone App --> General Preferences set to "Typing starts Contact search" instead of "Typing dials phone number". Try changing it and see what happens.

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