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    For some strange reason, my 650 started resetting itself everytime the voicemail chime would go off. After the reset, the phone would be off, so I'd turn it on and it would reset itself again.

    I stumbled on a workaround by setting the phone to mute. The phone turned on without the Treo resetting itself.

    So, if I leave the mute off and I get a VM, it resets. If I have it muted, everything works fine.


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    Just a stab in the dark, try deleting your prefrences files? (you may have to set a few things up again, but resets can often come from corrupt preference files, or corrupt files in general). If you have a backup, you can try going off of that.
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    Thanks for the repy Jacob, but I figured it out. I noticed that the reset occured after my service would pop up after a network search. As it did, there was a quick beep and then the reset would occur. Well, I put two and two together and check the Sound App to see if my service tone was on. Sure enough, it was - how I don't know. Anyway, I turned it off and my resets stopped. Whenever the service tone is activated as the Cingular comes up in the upper left of the screen, it would reset my Treo. Turning the service tone off solved the problem.

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