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    I just ordered an unlocked Treo 650 ($567 @ Newegg) which I'll be using on T-Mobile. I'm already a T-Mobile customer and I'm kinda stoked that I'll be able to read my e-mail and browse the web from anywhere :).

    Anyhow, I thought I'd ask ahead about the various network / Internet / SMS settings which I'll need so that I'll be ready to go when it arrives. I'll be using my existing SIM card from my current phone (a Nokia 3650) and I'm honestly not sure which provider-specific settings I'll need to input manually and which will be transferred with the SIM card.

    I signed up for T-Mobile's Unlimited Internet option just now, so that much should be taken care of. I've also done some searching through the forum... I found a couple threads which mention settings but they're generally in the context of "I'm having trouble getting such-and-such to work and here're the settings I'm attempting to use" :-/. Anyhow, if can fill me in on the settings which I'll need, I'd really appreciate it.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $SIM$ $has$ $the$ $settings$ $you$ $need$ $for$ $internet$ $access$ ($T$-$Zones$ $and$ $Unlimited$) $programmed$ $into$ $it$. $It$'$s$ $pretty$ $much$ $plug$ $and$ $play$ $on$ $the$ $Treo650$ $or$ $was$ $for$ $me$.
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    Yes, it's easy to do. There's no need to enter settings. Put in your SIM card, turn on the phone. Go to the Preferences app and select Network. At the popup menu near the top select T-Mobile Internet (this is the plan you selected from your description) and you are ready to go. I've used both the Treo 600 and Treo 650 unlocked GSM models on T-Mobile and that's all there is to it.
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    Some people have had to configure their T-mobile phone to connect to a custom proxy server, as the default settings were unable to connect them to T-zones. I am one of those people. The custom proxy setting I use in Blazer is and port 8080. However, there are rumors swirling about that T-zones will be done away with today in favor of a new, more expensive internet option for t-mo customers. I wonder if this will affect the proxy setting I'm using?
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    You shouldn't have any problems.I was able to just pop my SIM card in and go.One of the reps tried to confuse me with the email issue-insisting I needed to use MyEmail feature from them,but logic eventually prevailed in the discussion.

    I think some extra tweaking was needed for those using the t-zones ,not those using the unlimited internet plan.

    ,,,at least it was that way for me...

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