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    I am looking for a solid project tracking program that allows me to link with address book and todo lists so that I can keep track of when I have to do certain things by on a particular project. I know Brainforest is one option and I would love to hear people's feedback on this if you have used it. Any information on other options would be helpful.

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    There is a comparsion review at

    It covers: InfoSelect, BrainForest, Hi-Note, Arranger, ThoughtMill, and ListMaker. I have not used any of these. Instead, I'm trying out Progect:

    I've only had it a few days, but it appear to do everything I need; I haven't tried its linking capability yet.
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    I haven't used Brainforest or any of the other project management software yet, but I have used Progect. The reviews on PalmGear say that it's *much* better than brainforest. I've been pretty happy with it, and it does integrate with the ToDo list. Currently it's free, so it won't cost you anything to try it!
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    i'm a very happy brainforest user... brainforest is the only app out there with seamless syncing to the mac... if you're a mac user, and you want access to your project trees on the desktop, this is it. i was unable to try any of the other solutions because of the lack of mac support. if you're a windoze user, demo everything, it can't hurt.
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