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    Quote Originally Posted by lemongrass
    I would really like to see both a 60 minute and 120 minute option if possible. (120 minutes would be the best when going to see plays or movies). Thanks for the great app!
    Why limit yourself to a certain number of minutes?? Why not allow the user to type in the number of minutes they want the phone to remain on silent. For example, if I go to a class for 3 hours, why would I only want the options of 60 and 120 minutes?
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    Ease of use.
    It's easier to just select from one of an existing set of options.
    But it would be nice if it could combine both, where pushing
    a button puts a number into the input box, which you could
    also just type into directly instead if you wanted.
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    Point taken. I could actually see a drop-down menu being the easiest...with half an hour increments up to 5 hours maybe. There's not really many events that require 5 hours of silence. No need for an input field to customize your time.
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    I was using SoundOff for a while, but it was causing resets. I actually like the functionality of RingerSwitch better anyway, but to each his own.

    Many thanks to the developer-nice job!
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    RingerSwitch Pro 1.1 updated: (21/7/05)
    - Auto detect Ringer Switch position
    - Enhanced 3rd party launchers compatibility
    - Added number of vibration option
    - Added function descriptions
    - Fixed attention crash on some Treo 650s
    - Fixed unexpected vibration/alert
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    Looks like the version of RingerSwitch Pro 1.1 at palmgear is still the Basic version...
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    It looks like if you purchase it on palmgear, you'll be given a link to the pro version. However, it's the 1.0 version, not the 1.1 version. How do I get the updated version?

    Edit: Question. What's the difference between "Switch off vibration" on the first page and "Enable vibration alert" on the second page?
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    RingerSwitch Basic
    1.2: (4/8/05)
    - Added function descriptions
    - Changed RingerSwitch small icon
    - Code enhancement
    - Enhanced user interface

    RingerSwitch Pro
    1.2: (4/8/05)
    - New! Popup message box
    - New! LED indicator
    - Added time interval 60 and 120 minutes
    - Added 2 new attention messages
    - Changed RingerSwitch small icon
    - Enhanced user interface
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    Supports Treo 600/650 only.

    Updated Description:
    RingerSwitch Basic 1.3: (29/8/05)
    - Supports Treo 600!
    - Changed default attention message
    - Updated user interface
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    Updated Description:

    1.3.2: (17/10/05)
    - Fixed HotSync problem on Treo 600

    1.3.2: (17/10/05)
    - Fixed no LED after reset on Treo 600
    - Fixed HotSync problem on Treo 600
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