I discovered a serious bug in Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.1) in sending appoinments by email to a Treo 650 running Palm OS 5.4.7. I used to email appointments from iCal to Treo under Panther and it worked well- the ics attachment would insert itself into the Treo Calendar well. That wonderful functionality is broken in Tiger (10.4.1). The ics files don't have any time or other info in them and they don't insert, it says "You haven't selected anything to insert". It's not clear if the bug is in iCal 2.0.1 or in Mail 2.0.1.

So, obviously this is broken in Tiger and who knows if the upcoming 10.4.2 update will fix it; I certainly hope it will. It's very frustrating to loose functionality upon a paid update.

I invite Treocentral Mac users to email to Apple to the iCal feedback page
to fix it. If many of us request this nasty bug fix, hopefully they will fix it soon.