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    Does anyone know when Life at Hand software is due to be released?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Parker
    Hi Rene,

    Both Contacts 5 Standard and Photo Edition are incompatible with Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 handhelds at this time, due to bugs in PalmOne's PIM compatibility code. Once PalmOne releases a patch, both Contacts 5 Standard and Photo Edition will work properly.

    As to when PalmOne might release the fix, I cannot say. They are quite secretive when it comes to release dates.

    If you ordered one of the products above specifically for a Tungsten T5 or Treo 650 handheld and then discovered that the product is incompatible, we can refund your purchase within the first 30 days. In order for us to approve a refund, you MUST completely fill out and mail in the following Certificate of Destruction form:

    This form is a legal agreement stating to PDA Performance that you have removed and destroyed all copies and registration keys of the software you ordered. Once we receive this form from you, the electronic reseller (PalmGear/Handango/PDASSI) will be contacted to have the refund approved.

    - Parker
    regarding their current software which they cannot get to work on the 650

    which may give some insight into life@hand if it ever comes out....

    Quote Originally Posted by doulos12
    Life@Hand has gone through several incarnations in development, which is why it's taking so long. PDAP could've hashed out something fast, basically a bunch of bug fixes and a couple new features. Instead, the decision was made to be completely revolutionary. Well, some of those revolutionary new features were so amazing that they'll have to wait, because the Palm's processors, even the ARMs, couldn't handle the load, and it produced horrible lag. Someday... Consequently, due to the trial and error nature of programming, some time ended up being wasted---well, not exactly wasted---just spent on something that won't see the light for a few years at least, depending greatly on Palm.

    Meanwhile, development continues on Life@Hand. Release date? Not likely, because release date deadlines are just plain bad for software development because you never know how long it may take to squash a particular bug. C5 had a release date announced and pushed off continually, but it came, and when it did, it was remarkably stable, PalmOne's proprietary db's excepted.

    As to feeling betrayed, have you ever thought you were let down, then it turned out better than you imagined? Go ahead and feel betrayed now--the surprise and excitement will be that much bigger....

    I am not a PDA Performance employee, but I play one on TV.


    Quote Originally Posted by doulos12
    Expect an official announcement soon.

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