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    Two phones, two carriers, same Hotsync ID, any problems? I hope to run the same same programs (butler, ptunes, zlauncher, etc.) on both phones.

    Please advise. Thanks!
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    NO!! Can't sync two PDAs to the same user id. You will have to give them seperate ids, pick one to be the "main" and beam new contacts, appointments, tasks, and such to the "number 2" to keep them on the same page.

    Sorry, wife and I each have a Palm, I have looked into it. In some regards it would be great to keep them the same, but sometimes -- you might not want the "call the factory" tasks or visa versa.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Plus it would be too easy for you to pay for software just once for two installs.
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    I actually tried it anyway and it worked with some bugs. Pressing voicemail will dial the original number. The VZW phone now has the Sprint splash screen. I think I can fix these things. Will post more later.

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