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    Mods here is a more condensed version "SIX applications you couldn't do without". I think it would be a great idea to sticky this.

    Here is a collection that was put together by one of the more dedicated TreoCentralists (Thanks DHeyMann). So for some of you newbies here is a list of which apps we feel that we cannot live without.

    (Note: I will hyperlink all these and add a short descption)
    PocketTunes Deluxe
    Pocket Tunes turns your Palm OS 5.2 device into a portable audio player! Play compressed audio files (MP3 or Ogg Vorbis) or uncompressed WAV files from a flash memory card or stream music live over your wireless Internet connection.
    Votes 38

    Directory Assistant
    This utility automates queries against the server and adds loads of features of its own. This application is written specifically to take advantage of the Kyocera 6035/7135, PalmOne Treo 300/600/650, and Samsung i500's ability to dial phone numbers from the results of your residential or business directory queries, though most of the applications features will work on any standard wireless equipped palm device.
    Votes 31

    ZLauncher is a PalmOS system management program that integrates the system supervisor, application/database manager and expansion card manager.
    Votes 29

    With SnapperMail you navigate email messages in the same way you use your phone -- with your finger. Our unique finger navigation mode allows simple onscreen navigation by increasing the hotspots for better "touchability"; for example, the scrollbar automatically expands to meet your finger if you touch a region nearby.
    Votes 26

    VeriChat™ is an always-on, unified Instant Messaging (IM) application for PalmOS devices. On a smartphone, such as a Treo 600, VeriChat™ works with your persistent (GPRS/CDMA 1xRTT) or CSD wireless data connection to give you an always-on presence on the Yahoo!, ICQ, MSN & AOL chat networks. Your buddies always see you as online and can send you messages, even when your device is in standby mode, and you can receive and reply to these messages.
    Votes 21

    Agendus Standard not only outperforms the built-in Palm software, but any other Palm OS contact manager or datebook replacement available. And because it uses the integrated databases, you're assured that your information is safe, secure, and will sync with Agendus for Windows, ACT!, Microsoft Outlook or the Palm Desktop using the desktop conduits you are already using.
    Votes 18

    Chatter Email - true push email for your Treo 600! Now with POP support, attachments, SMS triggered "pseudo-push", "Filtered Mailboxes" and full server folder search.

    To upgrade, the BEST procedure is:

    1) From Chatter, use the "Reset Phone" command to shutdown Chatter and reset your Treo
    2) HotSync the Chatter.prc and ChatterUtils.prc files onto your Treo.
    Votes 18

    Docs to Go
    Leaving your office or leaving your laptop behind does not have to mean leaving your critical files and work behind too. Now you can work smarter, save time and be more productive by using files right on your handheld. You can easily edit existing files or create new ones on your handheld and synchronize them back to your desktop computer when you return.

    Now with support for native Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as native JPEG and BMP graphics, you can even use files saved to expansion cards or sent as e-mail attachments directly on your handheld without synchronization.

    In addition, you can synchronize e-mail with attachments, password protected files, text-based PDF files, pictures and Excel-like charts - even spell check your word processing files! It's no wonder, with over 8 million copies sold, Documents To Go continues to be the #1 selling office suite for Palm OS handhelds!
    Votes 18

    FileZ is a reliable, full featured file management and system utility. It allows you to view and modify any file on your handheld or external memory card, and much, much, more.
    Votes 17

    KeyCaps650 allows you to easily capitalize letters or use punctuation without using the shift or option keys on a Handspring Treo 650.
    Votes 16

    Butler - is the assistant who thinks of everything. Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard and Much More.
    Votes 13

    Uninstall Manager
    Garbage is eating up your RAM!
    Uninstall Manager, the most full featured uninstaller available for the Palm OS, saves valuable memory (RAM and Card) space while keeping your device clean and trouble-free
    Votes 13

    Powerful backup software for your Palm-Powered handled with expansion slot.
    Votes 11

    PowerRun 11
    splash I'd 11
    Card Export II 10
    Launcher X 10
    MMplayer 10
    TakePhone 9
    Backup Buddy 8
    eReader 8
    TCP Free media player 8
    2day 7
    Express 7
    Datebook 5 6
    Kinoma Player 6
    splashmoney 6
    Treo Alarm 6
    Blazer 5
    LEDOff 5
    TreoGuard 5
    Audible 4
    AvantGo 4
    Bob's Alarm 4
    eWallet 4
    Flight Status 4
    KB Lights off 4
    PXA Clocker Speed up DBs 4
    SplashPhoto 4
    Versa Mail 4
    Xiino 4
    Causerie Messanger 3
    HanDBase 3
    TodayPlus 3
    Tom Tom Navigator 2004. 3
    Vindigo 3
    Voice Dial 3
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