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    Well, I've narrowed down the culprit to Wireless sync;
    About a week ago I received my Verizon Treo 650 after switching from an unlocked GSM thru T-mobile. I was able to sync all my info except when I loaded the Wireless sync app. Now my calendar data will not sync to Palm Desktop and vice versa. I've noticed that the Custom option in HotSync reads "do nothing" and changing it to "syncronize" causes a failure which prompts a dialogue box to pop up reading "PIM app cannot sysnc because it is syncing with another app. Change conduit setting to read "do nothing"".
    This is driving me nuts because I can't change it back to "syncronize". Is there any way I can deactivate Wireless sync to get my calendar/dates back?
    I've tried so many configurations and nothing seems to work.
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    Wireless Sync REQUIRES synchronizing (for Lotus Domino, at least) with Calendar and Tasks as well as email. I just uninstalled it from my PC, Deleted it from my Treo, and deleted my accounts on the VZW web site, to put a stake thru the heart of this disaster.

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