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    Anyone else getting a blank Alert message for Versamail autosync notifications since upgrading to 1.12? I used to just get the typical alert notification indicating I have x number of new messages for a specific mail account. However, since upgrading to 1.12 (or so it seems), I get a blank (nothing in it) notification (the same type you get when you have a calender reminder pop up with the Clear, Snooze, and Go To options) instead of my typical alert. Anyone else or am I looking at some kind of corruption on my Treo?
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    Yup. I have the same thing. I didn't even realize it was coming from Versamail until I disabled the "Alert me of new mail" and "alert me of failures" alerts. Only then did the blank alerts go away. Quite annoying as I hate having to open Versamail just to see if there are new messages.
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    i am having the same problem too and just started a post on it. so i guess there is no solution thus far.
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    Has any one figured out a way to get the little flashing star in the corner back?? The blank screen is getting annoying

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