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    I have a Treo 600 that I got from Tmobile but my friend loaned me his Treo 650 and it is amazingly better and has bluetooth. I wanted to know where I can find a 650 that i can use with my Tmobile Service. Any reccomendations please?

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    palmOne or eBay are your best choices. You will need to buy the unlocked version or deal with getting the device unlocked if it's for another carrier such as Cingular.
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    I got mine for cheaper than Palm1 or the eBay stores (like and I didn't have to wait for shipping (or pay for it)!

    I bought mine at a local Cingular Store for $549.00 plus tax and unlocked it myself (see: 1,000 threads and 1,000,000 posts on how to unlock a Cingular 650)
  4. #4!ORDERID! shows in stock for $579.09 for the unlocked GSM Treo 650.
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