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    I'm searching for a good quality BT headset for my Treo 650. I tried the Motorola HS850. It sounds nice, but the multi-second delay between the phone answering an incoming call and the headset activating properly is annoying as hell so I sent it back.

    I've read the SE HBH-300 connects fast and has good sound quality. I'm tempted to give it a try and see how it goes. Are there other headset folks have found are particularly good?

    It seems the quality and utility of these headsets varies dramatically from user to user. For some a particular headset kicks in automatically on incoming calls for one person, but another reports having to tap the multi-function button, etc. Does anyone have a clue why this kind of variability is happening?
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    i use nokia hs-21w, quick connect
    Asia Pacific Traveller (HK based)
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    I just picked up the treo headset (palmone) and it works flawlessly... I had the motorola ordered and canceled it because my friend complained about the same delay you mentioned... no delay with this one and I am happy.
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    A brief summary of my experiences with several headsets and the VZ Treo 650:

    1) Motorola HS850:

    - Nice body design with the quick on/off.
    - Significant delays before connecting
    - No auto-connect
    - No redial.
    - Sounds ok but could be louder.
    - Conclusion: Worked poorly with the 650.

    2) Motorola HS820:

    - Ok "Vulcan ear" body design.
    - Delay before connecting, not as bad as the HS850 though.
    - No auto-connect
    - No redial.
    - Sounds ok, a bit louder than the HS850.
    - Conclusion: Worked poorly with the 650.

    3) Sony Ericsson HBH-660:

    - Ok body design. Hard on ear.
    - Ear hook can fall off too easily.
    - Caller ID was, to me, absolutely useless.
    - The battery indicator is nice.
    - Fast connect.
    - Does auto-connect.
    - No redial.
    - Sounds ok but could be louder. More like the HS850.
    - Conclusion: Would have stuck with this one if the ear hook stayed on the headset better.

    4) PalmOne Treo Wireless Headset:

    - Ok body design.
    - Fast connect.
    - Does auto-connect.
    - Does redial.
    - Sounds great. Can go louder than all the above.
    - Uses the same charger as my 650.
    - Conclusion: Sticking with this one for now and possibly for good, although, I do have the Scala 500 coming and will test that one out soon. Just wished the body was more like the HBH660 or the HS850.

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