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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna
    I have TreoGuard I can not find this option
    The information on TreoGuard indicates that it can dim the screen during a call. Perhaps you are talking about the fact that the 650 first goes to a "low brightness" level in about 15 seconds and then goes almost completely dim after about a minute during a call (which is probably what BrettS is referring to as "variable brightness"). If so, there is probably no software that can do this (PocketProtector+ and TreoGuard only seem to provide two levels of brightness vs. three levels for the 650).

    Perhaps I don't know really understand what BrettS means about the "variable keyboard brightness" - on my Treo the keyboard changes brightness in lockstep with the screen. If so, did his Treo lose the dimming function altogether or does it merely skip the "low brightness" level.
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    I found button2&3 can silence the ring too.
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