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    Okay I just got my Ultra II 2GB SD and copied all my stuff over from my just standard 512MB Sandisk. Programs I have loaded on the SD open at the same speed as faster. I opened a couple of heavy apps like MyBible or A-Lex and they even appear a little slower. Maybe my expectations were too high.

    Question: what have others found? Card was already formated but is there something to be done to help perf. (I have over 810 files apps/data/etc. installed on SD...could be why its not necessarily faster). I ran CardSpeed and it looks only marginally faster than my old card. Again thoughts? Experience?
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    For detailed stats, run VFSMark available at
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    When looking at the VFSMark results, dont get hung up on the overall VFS number. Check the read and write numbers. I think the Ultra II has higher write numbers but similar read numbers to many other cards (for taking pictures), so reading (loading) apps will seem the same. The difference will be when writing to the card, like taking pics, video or doing SD card backups.
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