Does anyone know of any address-book program wich lets you assign multiple categories to an entry? I would like to be able to i.e. set some-one to both Friends-category, Business-category and School-category if I work with the person as well as attend the same classes and we like to hang out too.. I haven't found any address-program even considering this feature.
To be compatible with old address-books the program could easilty put the information in a note.

Also I'd be enomrously happy if said program could also share some fields between entries. This would ofcourse be much harder I think. Well not maybe.. What I mean is that if I want both my parents in different entries with different work and cell phone numbers but the same home number and address etc. If I change the address in one entry it would show in the other. This information (which fields should be synched with which entries) could also be put in the notes...