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    When I change cards in my Treo and select "backupman" from that card in order to do a manual backup, I get this message "Automated backups will not function if backupman is run from an expansion card".

    Can I go ahead an push "OK" and do a manual backup then. Or....Should I switch to the main menu and select "backupman" from there and run it.

    I think I can do it either way, but I am just checking...
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    I believe it means that if you schedule automatic backups--I schedule them for M-W-F at 2am--then Backupman has to be in RAM. When you run Backupman for the first time, it puts a copy of itself on the card so that if your RAM is completely hosed, you have Backupman on the card to run the restore.
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    zvandiver is correct. It will run fine from the card (it has to in order to be able to restore a backup), but you cannot schedule backups if it is on the card.
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    So in other words, I can't schedule backups if it is ONLY on the card? Then it looks like I am ok since I have it in RAM too.

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    deer8, that is correct.

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