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    Being new to the 650 (migrated from T3 for business reasons) I am having a hard time with my applications and the available memory. Anyone tell me what applications can be moved to card (from the original settings on the 650) so that I can free up some memory for applications that supposedly will run only from the card.

    If there is not a way that a neophyte such as I can do it, then what about an application that WILL allow for the running of applications from the card. Specifically I am speaking of Epocrates (they say it cannot be run from a card) but want to move all possible apps to the card.

    Confusing....sorry! So little sleep and so many keys in front of me!

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    This doesn't really answer your question, but have you installed the most recent Treo update? The updates vastly improve the memory management often aleviating many memory issues. In my case it nearly doubled my free memory (with the apps I had installed.)
    If you haven't already, and if aplicable, definately install the update.
    What Treo do you have, Cingular? Sprint? Verizon? AT&T? or Palm (GSM generic?)

    As for what built-in apps can be moved to the card (if I undrestand your request correctly) I think the answer is none. Built in apps really can't be moved and in fact I think most of them are stored in ROM anyway and don't really take up the RAM except for the databases they create (calendar data, email, notes, contacts, etc.)
    However for 3rd party apps that you install, most of them can be run from the card unless they run scheduled or timed events, or they are 'utilities' that are constantly monitoring the device for whatever reason.

    Epocrates looks like a big application. It looks like the largest version (I don't know which you have) takes at most 7MB.
    My guess is that you can move the .PRC file for Epocrates to the card, but the rest of the files (dabase files) will have to stay in RAM. This is the case with many apps. This may not free up much memory for you since the .PRC file is often not all that large.

    There are file management programs
    Resco Explorer (Excellent)
    Teal Mover
    Filez (free)

    You can use one of these to look at how big the Epocrates .PRC file is and see if it's worth moving to the card.

    What other apps are you trying to run on your Treo?
    Do you have enough room to install Epocrates with nothing else except the built in Treo apps?
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    Using Docs to Go? Save 4mb of internal memory with this:

    Cheers, Perry
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    Yeah, I forgot about Docs to Go. I didn't even bother installing Docs 2 Go because I really have no need for it and it takes a bunch of memory. I forget that it is considered an included/bundled App.
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    I have used the D2G app which moved files to the card and freed up about 3.5-4.0 megs of space which really helped. I am at 11 megs free now and feel much better. I am using a Cingular branded Treo 650 and am somewhat leery of using the generic update as I am not sure that I am up to the task without a little handholding or REALLY good step by step directions....and I am somewhat concerned with screwing things up and being stuck with a really cool paper weight. What about moving the built in app databases to the card? Will the apps know to look for them there, and how? I am using Launcher X at the moment after trying and discarding SilverScreen. The only thing I don't like is the lack of center button launching and the inability to have ONLY the tabs in view that I want in view...hate to see the "ALL" category keep coming up as I scroll through.....any thanks for the help and any additional that you can add.
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    PowerRun or zLauncher will do the trick
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