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    I've been using a Treo for a long time as an individual, but will soon need to share my palm calendar with a secratary. She will fill in appointments for me. Suggestions for how to do this w/o using Goodlink?

    Secratary would probably be using Outlook (but could use some other PC scheduling software), I use the Palm Desktop on a Mac. To avoid either one of us having to switch platforms, it would be easiest if the synching between the two of us could be over-the-air with my Treo, then I would sync that locally to my computer.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am looking for the same type of solution for my partner and myself on two treo's? any luck or ideas?
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    same need for me.
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    According to THIS SEVEN has just completed an update that might help you all. Check out the corporate site for your carrier's private label at .

    Good luck!!!

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