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    I've downloaded and set up Chattermail (twice) today. My problems are:

    - On the other preferences tab, there is no option for me to set up a deleted folder.

    - For the life of me I can't seem to get messages sent. Even Ctrl & the option button (left of the Z) doesn't send. I got past my 1st error where I inadvertantly left a required field blank in the SMTP options and then tried again, but my message is still in the Outbox and nothing in the TreoSent folder. Even QuickSync doesn't do anything, except it did download all of todays messages...

    Every now & then I get an error message that says my data connection is failing and do I want to repair? I click on yes but nothing happens. In the lower right corner it always says SMTP Cnct and the connection is always active.

    I'd like to use something different than VersaMail, but at least it was very easy and straightforward to set up, operating like most other POP3 type clients. Send & Receive, delete, leave on server, etc... I'm still trying to figure out the QuickSync and Reset Commands and Delete All Unlocked or Old Unlocked, etc... I assume this is all for IMAP? After reading (partially) through the manual, it seems as if Chatter is written more for IMAP than POP 3

    I would really like to see a few simple buttons / commands for get, or send & receive. Am I missing something? Also, how do I close the data connection with Chatter after receiving mail so i can work "off-line"? There is no disconnect option from what I see, only a disconnect after shutting down.

    I'm still working my way through the manual, and the few FAQ's online, but I'm somewhat lost right now...

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    DavidJ - It's true that Chatter is far more of an IMAP client than a POP3 client. That having been said, I have many POP3 only users.

    If sending is failing, there are a number of possibilities (bad server address, server that requires SSL, bad login or password, etc.) Can you send me a log (instructions in the faq at

    And finally, the ChatterEmail board (or the boards at are probably better places for Chatter specific issues...


    p.s. Chatter does NOT act like a typical POP3 client in a number of (intentional) ways. It's possible that the way it operates isn't suitable for your purposes.
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    The log is on its way & I'll move this to the Chatteremail board.

    Thanks for the quick response.


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