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    I've recently purchased a VZW Treo 650 and I'm consistnely having issues with the hotsyncing with the cable via USB. I have found that when I run the USB Resistry utility (downloaded from the PalmOne site) and reinstall the desktop software, it works. The problem is it'll work a few times and then fail with the message of "...connection could not be established. Please check your setup". I don't think it's an issue with the physical connection (i.e. defective cable or USB port) since everything I run the utility and reinstall the desktop sw it works.

    Has anyone had this problem? I'm getting sick and tired of jumping through hoops everytime I need to hotsync.

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    There is at least one other thread on this topic -- most surrounding the hot sync cable needs to be replaced or wiggled.

    Cheers, Perry.

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