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    I have spent the last few months pondering on if I should invest in a BT Headset for my 650. A few of my sales folks have made the leap and I have not been satisfied yet with with being on the other end of their calls. After reading what seemed the entire internet on the subject I finally decided to go down to the local Radioshack and purchase the HS805. To give a little background, I have a history of buying the latest greatest gadget, but it is obvious that first of all this technology is not quite "cooked" yet and the Treo 650 itself has problems with BT (However I love everything else about it). For those reasons I was not willing to break the bank yet and went low end, with only a few, somewhat positive, reviews on the HS805. Well I on the surface, I am pleased so far. The bottom-line with this thing is does it work? ..and low and does. I like the fact it does take batteries and I do not need ANOTHER charger. Everyone on the other side says I actually sound better than when I was talking straight through the Treo's mic. It was easy to setup, it doesnt look like I am wearing blue police siren on my head. It does wobble a little bit, but I really do not like wearing anything that feels like I have something "stuck" in my ear. Lets face it..its an ear..they are all different and good luck trying to conform a device to it. Also, very little "static" around my work environment. Seems to work line of site 20-30 feet away. Transfers almost immefiatley to my headset when a call comes in.

    Bottom-line. I think this little gem has gone overlooked by all of the "shock and awe" devices out there and it you want to get into this technology for the first time and do not care about the latest "Borg" technology it's worth your time!

    I will update as more becomes known. Thanks and good luck!
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    I have had the HS805 for some time now and like it's voice quality; however, in my installation, a Sprint Treo 600 with a Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter, I have to pair it most every day and it also has an annoying habit of shutting itself down after a while. Good for a backup and my wife uses one also, but I do not see it as being a mainstay.


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