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    Just purchased a 650 several days ago and have put the most recent version of trial PocketProtector+ on it.

    Have tried the default setup for the keys, all keys off except the power button at 2X.

    No matter how the Preferences/Multipress or Ttime Left is set, at best I can only get one power up and power down, then the power button no longer works and requires returning the treo to the cardle charger, where it will work because I have "Disable when charging" selected.

    The screen dim function seem to work correctly.

    Is this program buggy, and if so is there a better one of this type? Suggestions?

    Pura vida,

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    You don't need this program... the Treo 650 has most of this built-in already, which is probably why you're having problems. You should probably delete it.

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    It actually will power back up but it takes many repeated presses of the lefthand phone key. My Treo has been calling people on my favorites list without my permission which is why I tried this program. Not happy with it thought and am looking for an alternative. The built-in keyguard doesn't seem to be cutting it although I may not have the options set correctly.

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    Thanks. I will delete it.

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