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    Just purchased a 650...lovin it!

    Does anyone else find the vibrate mode annoying? Is there any way of changing the vibrate sequence/beats, eg. so that only one long vibration would occur for a phone call (software, etc)?

    Also, is there any way of ignoring a phone call without sending the caller automatically to voicemail? On my Motorola V60, I was able to silence the ringer (by pressing the "ignore call" button) and had the option of still picking up the call before the caller reached my voicemail.


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    If you press any button on the keyboard (other than those that answer the phone) or us e the volume rocker (except on unlocked GSM I think), that should silence the ringer without sending the called to vm.
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    Moving the ringer selector switch to silent also silences the call without giving up the opportunity to answer it. It even says so right in the manual - under 'Silencing the Ring of an Incoming Call' in the 'Receiving Calls' section of the 'Using Your Device's Phone Features' chapter (page 53 in the manual for my Sprint PCS version). On the same page it also mentions the other way, already posted.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    However, I am more concerned about silencing/ignoring a call when it comes in while the phone is on vibrate mode (without sending it automatically to voicemail) - is that possible?

    Any takers on my question about changing the vibrate sequence/tone??

    Thanks again!
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    I think it would be nice to have a different vibrate seq assigned to favorites.
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    I find it annoying as well. Sounds like an angry bee when it's on the table top.
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    I wish the vibrate were stronger, like it was in my Tungsten W.
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    I also wish the vibrate were stronger--I miss a lot of calls when it's in the ringer off mode. Is there a utility out there to increase the vibrate mode?
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    I just wish that Versamail would vibrate. I would like to know when I have new email.
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    I also wish the vibrate mode was stronger. I keep the phone in my front pocket and call myself sometimes.
    Sorry I could not resist.
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