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    Just arrived in Paris and was anxious to get my 650 on the internet on the SFR pay-as-you go plan. Got the SIM card and was told I need to call cust service to get access to the internet. Well, they were very nice and eventually I found someone who spoke English but I spent just hours working with people most of whom never heard of the Treo, one of which heard of the 600, none of whom heard of Palm trying to set parameters: Connection (GPRS), user name - no clue, password - no clue, APN=webstr, and then setting the IP and DSN address, all for naught.

    So, then I gave up trying to talk to them and as a lark tried SFR Internet under network services, setting the IP and DSN addresses as before (SFR Internet uses ISDN as its connection so I "knew" it was wrong and, yes, it did not work. )

    But THEN, I just tried the default SFR Internet, no IP/DSN choice, just the default. And it worked!!

    So, all the folks had to say at the SFR shop was that I aready had internet access I just had to choose the SFR Internet service.

    Now, for cost. The best I can tell it's .3 euros per connection, no data volume charge. But, every time the Treo makes that connection there is that charge. So, if I do e-mail and then WorldMate, often (?) I need to connect again. Or, if I go from web to versamail, there is ofter (?) a new connection needed. On my Sprint Treo I stay connected for quite a while no matter what I do. So, I wonder, is there a way to keep the treo connected? Like a ping in the background.

    Anyway, cost aside, I'm thrilled how "easy" it was to get SFR prepaid to do internet, or, at least, I'm thrilled that I have it.
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    Just learned that it's 0.3 euros per minute, not per connection. No wonder my money keeps going away!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgabel_pi
    Just learned that it's 0.3 euros per minute, not per connection. No wonder my money keeps going away!
    I was just about to respond and let you know that I think you were in error on the cost. In my experience so far, data access in Europe regardless of your method, laptop, Treo, or other is just not cheap. I've pretty much given up for finding anything reasonable and just use cafes.
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    Yes, I agree (re cafes) but I did want to see if it would work. The brochure I have says 0.3 euro per connection but the SFR store said that it was per minute. He said there was no cheaper option. Unreal. I have Sprint unlimited for about $15 per month.
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    You may find it less expensive to roam in Europe on Cingular. For me it definitely was, because I was never charged.
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    Maxt, I had read that you were not charged for data roaming on Cingular in an earlier post of yours. Surely this was a fluke and you may wake up one morning with a HUGE bill!! Since the "real" bill could be massive, I decided not to chance it. But, come to think of it, I do have a Cingular SIM with me (I'm actually only a pre-paid person with them). Before I spend forever on configuration, could you tell me the network conifguration on Cingular? I actually cannot do internet in the USA with my Cingular SIM as it's not allowed, for any fee, on a pre-paid contract. But maybe it might work in France.
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    I have my phone setup w/ the default Cingular GPRS connection. I assume it changed automatically, but I didn't check. It automatically connected to SFR (at Roissy, where I turned it on and stayed connected later throughout Paris), although there were other choices on the network list that I also could successfully connect with. The Cingular data charge is $.0195/kb, so that may be a cheaper way to go than per minute charges. Cingular did charge me for some European roaming on subsequent trips to other locations, but much less than I had expected. I think I've run up a total of about $30 for about of week of judiciously checking email and news websites in Amsterdam and Budapest. Sorry that I can't be more explicit.
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    Thanks. Maxy.

    One "final" comment: Since SFR in France charges by time (not bytes [octets!]), after one is done using the internet, since the connection remains live for a while - I don't know how long - you are charged for doing nothing - unless you go to preferences/network and manually disconnect from the network. It turns out that before I realized this, lots of my money, at .3 euro/minute, was being vaporized.

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