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    Hi all, new user, first time poster, etc.... Have a Treo 650 due to me Tuesday from Verizon, & wanted to see if my intial set-up plan was the right way to go? So many things are easier from a blank slate, IMO, just don't want to load the wrong stuff right away if I can help it....

    So, seems like missing sync is the way to go for integration w/ iSync? One thing that's confusing to me: is MS just conduit software that runs on the Palm OS? When I originally get my Treo, should I install all the software that comes with it? From what I've read, I probably don't want to use Versamail, (which comes on the provided CD), so is there an option to load the Palm software without certain programs which you don't plan to use?

    Votes for chattermail?

    Long story short, & of interest to everyone: You get a brand new 650 tomorrow. Knowing what you do now, (Tiger, 3rd party apps) what would you do to set it all up perfectly from the beginning?

    TIA for input. Glad this forum is here.
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    My suggestions:

    Take it easy at first, until you become to know your 650.

    Personally I use Palm's Hot Sync software with my 650 and PowerBook G4. The Missing Sync is not a "have to" at this point, but works well. In fact I own it and use it to sync a Tungsten C to my iMac via WiFi.

    As for email apps, I think it comes down to features and personal preference. On the Sprint 650 Versamail comes pre-loaded. You may start with that it's free and see if it fits your needs. If your not a heavy email user it might be fine. I most all the email apps, but seem to go back to using Snappermail. You can get a free 30 day trial at

    One tip on first sync. Set conduits to "Mac overwrites handheld" then defaults to sync.
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