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    issue: my 650 has recorded an incorrect number to dial voicemail, and using the edit favorites button does not correct it.

    I recently purchased a 650 (Cingular), and after a long call to Cingular cust. service about a number of weirdities, had a replacement sent. I'd used the first for about two weeks and had stayed up nights figuring things out, so I was fairly comfortable.

    After receiving the replacement, I needed my 650 with me, so I grabbed the new unit and sped through some of the basic setup. Early on in this process, I received a dialogue box that I'd not seen before that said something like "If you know the voice mail number that your carrier has assigned, you may want to enter it here" (which was mildly weird because it said "may"). I'd not seen this dialogue in the two weeks with the first 650.

    In any case, I hurriedly typed in the number, and submitted, and then realized I'd entered my PHONE number and not my voice mail number. I couldn't find a way to go back or edit the number, so decided to follow up on it later.

    I am able to use the favorites button/edit favorites to update an occurrence of the saved voice mail number (after temporarily removing the SIM), so that I can reprogram the correct number. However, if I then use any of the set function keys (responding to alert "you have new voice mail", using the voicemail favorites button, programming a hardware key, etc.) the 650 reverts to dialing the incorrect number (my phone number). After this, if I look at the voice mail information in the "edit favorites" area, the listed number has been changed back to my phone number. I can't find any information about what the "other" dialogue was related to, or where the heck it has stored the wrong number on my 650.

    !!!! This is driving me NUTS !!!!!

    I spent forever on the phone with tech support people, and have googled and searched here, and it seems nobody else has encountered this or knows what I'm talking about, let alone how to fix it. Forgive me if the answer to this exists someplace already; I've searched and not found it...
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    Forgive me for asking an obvious question, but you have edited the voice mail favourite button back to your voice mail number?
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    Yes. I've actually done it rather a lot of times now. ;-)

    I am able to program the number, leave the favorites editor, and then return to find the new (correct) number listed. But then as soon as I use a programmed key or tool, it dials the old (incorrect) number, after which the voice mail number listed in the favorites editor has reverted back to the old (incorrect) number.
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    i'm having the same issue, on a sprint treo650.

    after a few minutes with tier2, they ordered me a new unit.
    scheduled to arrive on wednesday.
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    I have been assuming that the problem must be in the SIM, and not in the actual Treo unit (??). The hardware-unit-only re-programming works, but after re-inserting the SIM to establish network connection, the programmed numbers *blip*.

    I'll be very curious to hear if new hardware solves it...
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    I have EXACTLY the same problem. Every time I want to check voicemail I have to hand dial the number.

    I was told by support that you can't edit the voicemail number - only support can change it by sending some kind of setup message to your phone. But support has never been able to make this work.

    Then I was also told that if I edit the Voicemail number in the phone app within 3 seconds of turning the phone on - it will work. Try it - it's impossible to do in 3 seconds :-) I think some support person was having fun with me.

    At this point I don't know what to do either.
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    there has been an update released a couple of months back for fixing voicemail number corruption issues for cingular treo's.... this problem used to be posted all the time on this forum before the update was released - a search on the forum should turn up LOTS of threads...

    check the phone app version on your treo (while in the phone app - go into the menu -> options -> phone info ) to make sure you have firmware: 01.05 and software: treo650-1.04-CNG running.
    If you are running the latest version OR if you have a treo for sprint or verizon then the issue is something else all together.....
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    if you dont have the latest version, you can find the update on the palm support site

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