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    Hello, my phone just recently quit working on my Verizon 650. I was re-pairing my bluetooth headset with it, it paired fine, than the phone reset for some reason. Now, I cannot get to the phone screen. The PDA works fine. When I press the green phone button, the screen flashes and it stays at the same PDA screen. When I go to contacts and call one, it will turn the phone on, I see the welcome screen, but it will not dial out. I can see incoming calls but it resets when I accept the call. I have tried to soft-reset and do the reset when you hold up, but no luck. Anyone help.

    I don't know why it did this, I didn't install anything new at all.
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    what if any 3rd party software do you have installed?
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    Hard reset.

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    Zlauncher, Easyfuel, Filez, Obfuscate, Versamail, Express411, KBlightsoff, SoundRec, Stopwatch, Treoalarm, Angles game, Blackjack, Dopewars, Freecell, Solitaire, ptunes.

    None of these programs gave me any resets when using them at all.
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    Thanks for the help guys, I'm setting everything back up, I just did a hard reset, it will probably take less time to reinstall everything than to troubleshoot.

    Once again, thanks.

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