This probably requires good techical knowledge of the Palm Desktop application:

I installed my palm to a file server (mapped it to my home PC's as P: drive) in order to access my palm desktop from all my home PCs. For some reason, on one of the pc's can no longer open desktop or hotsync. Here are the symtoms:

1) open desktop, and a blank user name list comes up
2) when try to hotsync, asks me if I want to setup a new user on the PC.
3) when I try to use View Users by right-clicking on the hotsync icon on my system try (yes, hotsync.exe can run and it is pointed to p:\hotsync.exe, my user name does NOT show (no users show up)

- p:\ is an active network drive on the pc having issues. I can startup Palm.exe (the palmdesktop app), I can view all the files on P:\.
- I rebooted many success
- I connect to the network both wirelessly and my hard difference

Other PCs can still access Palmdesktop (and its data) from P:\ and I can also sync from them.

Some questions I have to help resolve this include:
a) what (file?, entry in the local pc registry?, etc.) does Palmdesktop look at to identify users?
b) is there a hardcord palm forum available (outside to ask solutions for very technical questions like this?