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    hi all ... still looking for my perfect case!

    I was considering the treokitz ... but they have been out of stock for a while now ... and there is still no word on their website as to when they expect to have new stock available .....

    in the meantime i noticed that pacific rim have a hard leather case that is similiar to the vaja, but with a cover over the screen ... is anyone able to give some firsthand feedback and impressions on this case pls : here is a link to the case at treonauts :

    I also saw another case on treonauts that is similiar to the vaja :

    it looks great from the pics .... but it does look like the leather edge of the case could obstruct some of the keys ... esp the space bar ...

    .... I wasn't able to find any reviews on either of these cases ... but i have just discovered that both of them are also available here on T|C ... so someone must have some first hand experience with them ... are any forum users that have used or seen either of these two cases able to comment on them pls ? TIA
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    I dont think to big on leather cases. I have a very bad track record of dropping my phones, and I definitely dont want to drop my $500 investment. I want a hard case. Try looking into the Pacific Rim Hard Case or the new Innopocket.
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    anybody else that has seen or used either of these cases?
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    Verizon sells a case for $24.99, that I have found to be the best case. I like that it has a plastic cover over the keyboard so I believe the letters and numbers stay on the keys a lot longer (they look like they'd eventually wear off), and I have not once found it to interfere with my pressing the keys. The only drawback I've found is that you have to unsnap the cover to attach the sync or charging cable (but do not have to remove the phone). It comes with a belt clip and I went to best buy and bought a self sticking holder that I put on my dash. Looks like it came with the car. Padded cover will definitely protect the screen in accidental drops.
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