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    DOnt tell me you were at the Northlake store over by tucker?
    YOu cant go wrong with sprint. I have had sprint on a 600 then a 650 since Oct of 2003. They have worked fine. In the SE you roam once you get off the major highways, but then you still hit data spots out in the boonies. Last weekend while halfway up Chimney Rock in NC I was able to get data and pull down a weather report. At the base of the trail I got nothing...go figure. As far as I can see, the $15 data is very tough to beat unless you spend a large % of your time outside the US.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acampa01
    DOnt tell me you were at the Northlake store over by tucker?
    Actually I got this deal at the Sprint store on Mt Zion Rd in Morrow.

    We live in Sylvan Hills in an old machine shop/ foundry we converted into a home for us.

    Own some property in Riverdale and are often in that area.

    Now if I can just figure out all the features on this phone. Reading the manual, but it is a slow process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill-in-Atlanta
    BETTER DEAL! Just got back from the Sprint local store. I went in to see if there would be any question about me getting my phone from Treocentral Store and merging with my wife's plan later.

    The Sprint salesman offered me a deal I could not believe! He said that TODAY ONLY (I got LUCKY) they would sell me a Treo 650 and merge it into my wife's plan for $225!!!

    I called the Treocentral Store and cancelled the phone I ordered yesterday.

    The local salesman went on to say that I could get a Treo 650 for my wife for $225 also! Family plan for $77.50 700 anytime minutes including unlimited roam. Data plan was slightly more expensive in that it is $22.50 for BOTH our new Treo 650s.

    We do have a two year contract now, but this is fine with me!

    I think this is good. TWO Treo 650s for $450!

    Gotta decide on accessories, now. Any suggestions?

    Good deal...

    When your contract runs out in 2 years, you can negotiate a better deal. It is important to pay all your bills on time.

    The longer you stay with sprint, and the more lines you have with them, and the better customer you are, the more they are willing to do to keep you when you are out of contract.

    If you go to there are all sorts of tips and information on how to get a better deal when you are out of contract....

    ALSO don't forget to get the line referral credit. Since you have two new lines with SprintPCS, get a friend or family member who has SprintPCS to dial *REF on their SprintPCS handset and then enter the two new phone numbers, they will get a $20 credit per line and you will get a $10 credit per line.

    (or you could just PM your two numbers to me and I'll do it...)
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    Ah, the Mt Zion store. NOt my favoritem but your mileage may vary. I actualy live over near the stockbridge area, and work up in Tucker. That store has always had horid customer service for me...up to the point where I had to call the 800 number and ask for customer retention and put them on the line with the store in order to resolve my problem. The Tucker store had some real nice folks who helped me open 3 additional lines on my accout...figure the commision on that one must have been pretty good. Hope you enjoy the warned that there is a tiny cell hole in the ellenwood area as well as at I20 and 285 on the east side.
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    I think that Sprint customer service has taken a turn for the better. I remember about a year ago it did suck beyond belief. Go in there with a problem and be ignored. Fially get to see a service rep who disappeared into the back for about 30 minutes, to return and say, "It will be ready for you in about 20 minutes." Then you wait an hour or more. It was so bad that I used to leave the store, come back in an hour and STILL wait another hour.

    I experienced this in the Fayetteville store, downtown Peachtree and another store, seems like it was Cascade road. Identical bad service. It was weird, Twilight Zone stuff.

    I even called Sprint online and complained. They told me that they KNEW the service was bad. Seemed a lot of people had similar experiences to me.
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    I'm an existing Sprint customer and the best deal I could get was $599 and a $150 mail in rebate. At the local Sprint store they said that as of 7/7/05 it will have an instant rebate.

    The rep looked at me like I had two heads when I showed him the posting about your $225 deal. Sprint customer service mentioned that the stores have a fresh supply of refurb phones at 1/2 price. Is this what you got?

    At $225 I'd probably stay with Sprint, but it's looking like I'm gonna go with the CNG version at $180 after rebates & discounts.
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