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    Ok. Which Treo 650 is considered better: Verizon or Sprint? I ask the question from the standpoint of: RF, software version, BT, etc...anything that comes to mind! I've read several threads that sugggest the Verizon verson is lacking whe coompared to Sprint.

    Thanks in advance...
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    I have been using sprint and am quite pleased with that product. I am sure others will tell you the other side.
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    I'm with Verizon and the phone signal is excellent, one of the best I've ever got with any phone. My house and desk at work are two big dead spots and I can make and recieve calls no problem. For the phone aspect go with whoever gives you the best signal.

    As far as data, Verizon screws you over this way because you will pay a lot for data. If all things being equal where Sprint has as good as signal as Verizon go with Sprint and you'll save some money. VZW's network quality can only go so dar to outweigh their inflated data plan pricing.
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    agree with the issue re: data, much pricier with VZW, plus Sprint has had the 650 out longer and has updated firmware to add some functionality
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    Time after time Sprint has proven that they are the premier carrier for Treos. They get them first, they update them most often and the pricing is the most attractive.

    Of course, if you dont get service in yuor area that would change things.

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    Well, the Verizon Treo has had all the newest fixes already implemented, so hasn't needed a patch. This was true of the Treo 600 as well.

    But my opinion is the same. If the reception of Sprint is good enough for you, go with them. I didn't really have a choice, so I have a Verizon. I still love it, despite the costs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadams
    My house and desk at work are two big dead spots and I can make and recieve calls no problem.
    So they are not really dead spots then, eh?
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    Sprint's the only way to go. They're both CDMA, they are more committed to the Treo, updates are faster, better user group support. Oh yeah, and data plans on Sprint are actually affordable, unlike Verizon's bizarro rate schedules. At least for me, I prefer the simplicity of knowing what I'm paying every month, and not needing to worry that my Treo is 'pinging' the Verizon network every so often racking up hundreds of dollars in data charges every month.

    As far as coverage, Sprint lets you roam nationwide for another $5 bucks a month. Bummer it's only digital roaming, but blame PalmOne for that. The only possible difference I think I'd notice is in weak Sprint areas where the Treo insists on using a nearly unusable Sprint signal instead of a reliable Cellular One or Verizon signal. Small price to pay compared to a 2-year plan on Verizon.

    In my experience, Sprint has greatly improved their overall customer service, except for the occasional random threatening call from collections in Jamaica threatening to disconnect service the following day without any justifications. But they do this rarely, it's called a "mistake" in Sprint parlance.
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    If sprint has great coverage in your area then that is definently the way to go and the data price is unbeatable..
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    ok. I think I'll stay with Sprint. However, since I'm an existing 2-month customer and have a Sanyo 5600 phone, what is the least expensive way to get into the Treo 650 without going through eBay? I just bought a Treo there and, while advertised as new it was, in fact, used and stolen to boot. I'm getting a full refund. So, how do I get into a new unit and not pay full retail?

    I asked the local Sprint office about canceling my current plan, eating the early termination charge, and signing up for a new contract. However, they told me that was not permitted by Sprint; Sprint keeps my name and number in their database for 90 days before I can sign back up with the phone and associated rebates.

    Any advise???
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    Quote Originally Posted by neotope
    So they are not really dead spots then, eh?
    With the Treo they aren't anymore, used to be really bad with an LG VX6000, I would drop calls all the time. It was moderately better with a Samsung a670 but I have a hard time not getting a signal with the Treo which probably speaks for the phone being a great piece of hardware.
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    echo sprint's devotion to the treo line - they have been very "loyal" (if u could use that word) to the Treo.

    Best Coverage : Verizon
    Best Value (monthly pricing): Sprint

    I have been a sprint customer for many years - one more note: Sprint csutomer service is absolutly, posatively terrible. Thought, from what I read the CCustomer service from othr carriers is not much better, mostly due to the more complicated product.

    I vote sprint - the drops and such aren't terrible, and if you leave in a big city coverage is good. $10 (or $15) ofr unlimited internet just cannnot be topped.
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