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    How can I edit/change/delete information on the SIM card of my unlocked Treo 650?
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    Go to SIM Book
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    I really, really, really wish someone would write a better SIM editing app for the Treo. SIM book is ****-poor. Amd the Treo's ability to copy/move contacts to/from SIM pales in comparison to the cheapie Nokia phone I have.
    SIM Book doesn't even allow you to enter multiple numbers per contact under Home, Work, Mobile, or Fax.
    You should be able to pick a contacts category and copy all contacts in that category to the SIM.

    Perhaps I'll try writing the app myslef, now all I have to do is get a Treo software development environment installed.
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    Well, I had a Sony Ericsson T630 before and it worked exactly as the Treo does, i.e. for multiple entries I had to store them in the phones memory and if I transferred them to the SIM card they were split up.

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