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    Can someone please help me? I sync between a primary computer and a secondary one. For some reason, when I hotsync on the secondary one, it keeps deleting (randomly, it seems) some of my contacts and dates and tasks and memos. Fortunately, Outlook just puts them in the trash and so I can recover them ... but I'll add them back, and I hotsync, and it deletes them again. Sometimes I add them back, and one or two will stay. I use Outlook on my desktop. Agendus on my Palm. I don't have any 3rd party sync software (just use pocket mirror that comes with the CD). I have a Treo 650 on Sprint. I sync using the USB port on both machines. I have a LOT of contacts. I just don't understand it ... can someone please help? Thanks!

    - Mac
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    One thing you can look at is on your secondary computer. Go into the hot sync manager in the menu bar at the bottom of your computer screen. Then right click and go to "Custom". Go into the "Calendar", "Tasks", etc and select "Change". Then you can adjust the sync settings on the secondary computer.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but that only makes it so that I can overwrite the whole handheld or vice versa for each category. Plus, I found out that when I restored the contacts on one, and sync with the other (primary, and did a "handheld overwrites desktop"), the primary deleted the contacts in Outlook into the trash (these contacts were the ones just copied from the 2nd computer) ... so it seems that they were copied from my Palm and right into Outlook's trash. But, it seemed to have saved them on my Palm. Such an odd problem.

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