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    Anyone else have any issues with PXAClocker conflicting with Verichat? I'm not sure if PXAClocker is having a direct conflict with Verichat or if PXAClocker is conflicting/corrupting another program (e.g., Versamail) which is then conflicting with Verichat. Bottom line is that when PXAClocker is installed on my Treo with my current list of apps, I get resets after executing the following sequence of events: launching Verichat, signing on to AIM, switching over to Versamail and then turning off my screen. This happens everytime.

    Any thoughts?
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    Sorry to hear about your issue but I also have both installed and don't have a problem.. Did you overclock the system default or are you just overclocking specific apps ? I leave my sys default regular and just overclock certain apps such as handzipper web and xiino.. Everything else is running normal so I would suggest just overclocking apps that need it..
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    What is the sytem default for clocking? I'm just curious...
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    The system default regular is 312mhz which is the processor.. If the default is changed to say 468 with pxa clocker then everything including all apps will run at that speed which works fine for some and not so good for others because some apps don't play well when running at a faster speed then default.. I don't see the need of having world clock or welcome for that matter running higher then default....
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    Yeah, it's the lazy way of overclocking your system - and I did it. I agree that that's probably the cause of my headaches. DO NOT overclock the system, just individual apps. For me though, I've ditched PXAClocker after spending about a week debugging my issue - not worth the increased speed to me.
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    Yea ive been playin around with this program i can run 507 on all programs except for the phone anything over 468 and my treo resets when i recieve a call. I can definitly tell the different with the browser and how quick my bluetooth headset connects to a call this is a great app. i will most likely be buyin the pro version.
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    I too have both installed clocking at 468. Tried to replicate your sequence but I didn't experience a reset.

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