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    Can I do this without buying PDAnet? I dont have BT on my laptop and would rather just use the cable than buy a BT adapter. If not, I'll buy the BT adapter.
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    no, there is no free way to use a USB cable as a dialup connection.

    Well, technically that's not true, there is a way... But it would require a great deal of technical expertise. That what you are paying for with pdaNet, they already wrote the driver.

    No one has stepped up to write a free one yet.
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    I've seen some stuff for *nix OS's but pdanet is all that I know for windows and honestly their usb driver makes my laptop so unstable that I could never reccomend it. I would go with bluetooth.
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    Yeah, I've only had problems with PDAnet to begin with. I had to do various resets just to get it up and working, etc. I guess its time for me to enter the bluetooth age
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    There is a way to do this I recall using the "tethered mode" feature. However I'm not sure if it was very reliable:

    Basically what happenned was that the user Hatoncat who is the admin over at was able to extract the post free the proprietary serial drivers from Scott Gruby's Wireless Modem software which allowed the Treo to be used as modem via tethered mode for free:

    This caused alot of controvery and Gruby pulled the free beta off his site for obvious reasons...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekara
    I've seen some stuff for *nix OS's....
    Do you have any pointers for this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by plaut
    Do you have any pointers for this?
    Yeah....what he said!

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