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    So you get a FREE Upgrade, i guess the rumors where true about this.

    Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I guess next time they offer an insurance plan with a $500-600 phone I should take it.

    With my recent issues with my T300 I might have prefered the upgrade vs. the hoops I had to go through to aquire a "refurbished" 300.

    For those with a Dead T300 battery... a #0 Phillips head screwdriver and a gentle touch can get the Treo open and about $20 will get you a replacement battery.

    My "refurb" (more like Used) 300's battery isn't a good as the fresh battery I recently installed in my previous Treo... so after my 30 day warranty is up I'll be installing the better battery.

    I'm still outside my Sprint Contract and since any new phone/service is likely to require a 1-2 year contract I'm more interested in keeping my cost down till I either find a Sprint plan I like or a different provider offers a better one...

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