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    I was wondering if anyone knew of a free utility/database available for the Treo/Palm which served to remind a doc what things are required to bill a level 2 admission for example? I have searched without any luck and am just having to start worrying about this junk and wanted a "cheat sheet" to remind me.
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    Hmm... not sure if this is what you're looking for...
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    The requirements depend on whether you are doing E&M Bill vs. Service Time Bill. In addition, it depends on which CMMS guide you are using - safest to assume you would use the latest.

    I've run across alot of coding programs, but none are a simple as looking at the simple trifold that I carry in my pocket. The information is relatively simple, something that if you can't find it, you might just take the time to make a cheat-sheet in Word and keep it on your Treo?

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