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    I performed a zero-out reset and reinstalled my apps all fresh. Now, if I go to something like Messaging to send a text message and choose "Lookup in Contacts", no contacts show up, as if there are none. Same thing in Ringo and Chatter. And yes, my contacts did sync back and are visible in Palm Contacts and in Agendus. Anyone know what the problem may be?
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    Same problem with me when using Snappermail. Snapper is looking into it from their end, but it worked flawlessly prior to update.

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    I fixed this issue. After some research I determined (or really just guessed) that the contacts database was corrupt.

    I deleted the following files on both the phone and my backup folder:



    Actually a few of those do not appear in the backup folder. Can't remember which ones. I then launched the built in contacts app to rebuild some of those files on the phone. And then hotsynced - twice. I believe the first hot sync did not rebuild the actual contacts, so I had to do it twice. As was recommended to me, back up your contacts before doing this as you will be sync'ing to an empty database on your phone and you just never know what could happen. My contacts link to all other apps now, and my phone completely quit resetting. Previous to this it was resetting up to 10 times per day.
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    You nailed it !

    I did not locate any of the contact files you listed in the backup folder but did find them on the handheld. (Could be b/c I sync with a third party contacts program that's not Outlook or Palm Desktop) Anyway I deleted the files you listed above plus I deleted all SnapperMail Enterprise files from the handheld and the backup file. Then I reinstalled SM, reset the email server settings, created a new email to test and SM re-connected with my contacts.

    Thanks for the PM alerting me to your fix. I will forward on to SM Tech Support for their knowledgebase.

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