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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Hey PDA JEDI !

    Not sure what you are up to here. . . .

    Small counter clockwise circle in the lower right of the first screen you showed get's you the egg and random crossings of the Taxi. . . . .

    TAXI! TAXI! is a program that requests the Taxi on command?

    Cheers, Perry.
    Hey Perry...old friend

    Trickery, underhand action, intrigue, skulduggery

    I'm up to SHENANIGANS...this is just one of my favorite threads.
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    (Interesting. . . . why did my smiley box disappear and why can I only see it under advanced options. . . . . .)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    system / prefs / power draw a very small counterclockwise circle in the bottom right corner of the screen

    and wait . . . . . . . . . .

    I have been waiting a month. . . and still no taxi

    others, have seen theirs within a week

    Cheers, Perry

    I just got the easter egg to appear(clicked on it); do I have to wait for the taxi?
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    Good things come to those that wait. .. . .. . .. . .. . .. .
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    This may be an unpopular question but, how do you get the taxi to stop coming? I know it's random so it is not very often as it is, but what if you don't want to wait for it anymore...happier knowing it's not coming?

    I searched the forums like crazy for this, but it seems like everything is about how to get the taxi or the egg, not how to stop.
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    Tap the easter egg and it will disappear
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