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    I have a Treo650 and currently use SplashMoney to track my finances. I'm also looking into getting a normal PDA for the office as well (b/c of Wifi). My first instinct was to get a LifeDrive so I can still use SplashMoney but an hour at CompUSA playing with it discouraged me from getting one (too clunky). But also sitting next to the LifeDrive was the iPaq hx4700. I dismissed this unit because the online pics always made it look too big but it's surprisingly the same size as the Lifedrive. So after playing with it for awhile I decided this would be a good purchase.

    Ok, to the real question...Are there any finance software that can sync to both OS at the push of a button? I just emailed Landware (they make Pocket Quicken) to see if this is possible but I just wanted to see if anyone else have done this yet. Thanks for any info.
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    I use PQ on my Treo 650. I suspect a doubling of transactions, if a double sync will work at all, at the same time or one at a time.

    Good Luck.
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    Just tried out Handwallet because the Desktop version lets you export data to a PPC or Palm device. Total garbage. Besides from the elementary school color theme (which can't be changed), there's total lack of detail on the transactions (whole numbers!?). Stay away from Handwallet.

    Still searching...

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