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    How can we take full advantage of our new color units. What good programs are available in color - and are more usefull in color. Right now I only have a few, and they're games. What is everybody using? Any suggestions?
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    My list of color software so far

    Games: Galax, Gobble, Invaders, klondike, Zap!2000, PMeMC (a matching game)
    Time: Watchix (Clock with color faces)
    Viewer: FireViewer, Photos (From Handspring)
    Data: DateBk4, AvantGo
    Hacks: TrekSounds Hack (Color on and off Logo)
    Maps: Mapopolis

    All for now but always looking for more.

    All can be found at palmgear or at handspring and all but DateBk4 are free

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    Action Names Datebook - is my principle program that uses color to it's fullest potential. I've been playing with it for 4 days - in color - and I'm still finding things that will make it more productive.

    If you go to PalmGear and type color in the search line you'll get a view of about 600 apps that are color compatible.

    I don't typically play games on my handheld but I do have one, Spades by Stand Alone and it definitely makes a difference.

    The other programs I use are truly secondary and I don't really care if they use color. Handspring does have a free photo album program that will allow me to carry some photos that I enjoy but were too bulky to put into my wallet etc.

    I think that software is so personal to make too many suggestions but I'd say that the datebook application would be your most important. Datebook4, the big brother to Datebook that comes with the Prism, uses color icons as well as my preference of Action Names Datebook.
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