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    I've read in this forum that jabra eargel helps a lot in terms of sound and securing the headset in your ear.

    I just got a Cardo Scala 500 BT. I also got some jabra eargel from Amazon. The Cardo ear piece is too big for the eargel.

    Is there different sizes of eargel? (size of the end that holds the ear piece NOT the size of the part that fits on your ear)

    This is the eargel I have:
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    The eargels that I used is like this. I got them from Radio Shack a few years ago. I had to stretch them quite a bit to make it fit.
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    you have the correct jabra gels, cut off the little tabs around the hole and then stretch over the ear piece, it is a tight fit but it will not fall off
    good luck

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