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    On my 2nd phone now. Phone works fine out of the box. I put a clear screen protector on. Tuch screen wont work now. I can use all the functions by the buttons, but not the screen. I had the same protector on my last phone with no problems at all. Whats the deal?
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    Have you tried calibrating the screen without the screen protector on and then installing it?
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    you mean to do it on top of the protector before i peel off the tape to stick it on?
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    No I mean calibrate the screen with no screen protector installed. (Where it asks you to tap the screen several times in the center of the bulls eye.)

    Then when that's done install the screen protector and see if it works.
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    tried that. Also put another protector on. Touch screen wont work. How unusual?
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    I think the protector is too thick. If i lay it on the screen without smoothing it out, it will work. As soon as I press it on firmly, the touch screen wont work.
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    Check to see if the edge of the protector is pushed under the frame around the touch screen. A few people have had small bits of debris get in there and it creates a constant push on that location so no other touches will register. Trim your protector just a tiny bit smaller than the screen. There is never really any need to touch the last couple of pixels at the edge of the screen and the tip of the stylus is too big to rub directly on the touch screen with such a small gap.

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