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    I just saw this artcile on the TC home page about SkinUI. It looks pretty cool, has anyone used it yet?
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    I tried it on my Treo 650. It stops the usage of the 5-way navigator on some fields. I made a post about it to the developer on his forum. He is aware of the issue and plans on fixing it in a future release.

    Without the 5-way, I had to delete it. Eye-Candy is not worth the loss of function.

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    I can't believe I didn't notice that! I use 5-way primarily in launcher, blazer, and phone, where it still works.. and I guess I've been using palm os so long that i just reverted back to old habits automatically in the other apps! I added a note to the news item.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I am going to check it out this weekend. I don't understand, the Palm devices with the new 5-way have been out long enough for developers to include this functionality. Are they just overlooking it or are there not enough devices in the field for them to care anbout it?
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    I tried it on my 650 and it kept resetting! Oh well, looks cool from the pics though.
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    I tried it as well, works fine except for the 5 way. It makes the Treo apps look far better, somehow "smarter"! The OS-X skin is incredible!
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    can you change the icons for the apps using this?
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    I can't even use the 5-way navigator in SkinUI program itself. Is that the limitation of the DEMO?
    Has anyone tried this on any other Palm device?

    Anyway, It's running fine on my Treo. I got alot of compliments about the Alienware XP skin. It would be even sweeter if there was a way to tweak each skin: Change the text color, scrollbar size, etc.
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    The latest from the message board on SkinUI's own website is that there is no fix to the 5-way nav coming soon...

    <<5-way naw still doe snot work. I cant reverse it without having a device that has it and i really do not have the money to buy a T650

    No, simulator is no good and someone else testing is too slow.>>
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    This is too bad... I liked the OS-X skin but I'm now too familiar with the 5-way navigation to let it go... I would volunteer to be a beta-tester for this application though...
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    i just got back from a looping reset. i need my 5 way nav support back. i might need to put this cool app on hold for just a min. i hope they add the 5way to this program
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    Runs fine for me, but no 5 way nav is no good.
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