I have seen my share of criticism for these people and I have to say not only were they polite, they did a great job and fixed my issues. I had a desktop installation problem which turned out to be a Windoze issue. I later found a knowledge base item referring to non-support of XP Tablet PC, which I have, but we got it done.
Further, I had a Versamail sending issue which was quickly solved after getting rid of a couple of corrupted messages and creating a new account per the rep's instructions which were concise and right on the money. I have spent a lot of time with someTech support people that knew less than I did with some different companies. It now works like I hoped it would.

My new GSM Unlocked (TMO) has taken over the duties of my 600 which has done well up to now. I use over 5,000 minutes a month and average 85 calls a day plus a lot of email. As a busy real estate agent in Newport Beach, I would be hard pressed to get done what I do without this cool device. The screeen rez is great and the camera is now more useful. I held off until the update and I think they have fixed a lot of issues. I am usually a v.1.0 kind of guy and I often pay the price. I am glad I waited and so appreciate all the great posts on this site from some very helpful and knowledgable people.

Jeff Jones