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    I have a Jabra Freespeak 250 Bluetooth headset I've used with my Moto V710. I have successfully paired it with the Verizon Treo 650 (shows up as a trusted device) but I cant seem to make calls with it. When I turn it on, and push the button that connects it to the phone, it doesnt seem to get rocognized by the 650 and outgoing phone calls are still being heard on the 650, not the Jabra. Any suggestions on Bluetooth calling. Of course, Bluetooth is ON and the icon is visible.

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    Hey Bob..

    May be a compatability issue Treo 650..Check here..

    I have been using the Cardo Scala 500 BT headset on my Sprint/Treo 650 with great success. Even though the Treo Site does not list the Scala as compatable.

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    Good thought, but Jabra's website says they are compatible

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